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Turn your data into actionable insights

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Put the Power of the Data in the Right Hands: the Business

The Business Insights Engine (BIE) is the culmination of NTT DATA and partner companies involved in the health care industry for decades. We’ve listened to and heard health plan executives and understand their need to utilize data as a strategic asset—one that does more than inform, but also provides actionable insights. This solution will transform the way you use data. You will benefit from our out-of-the-box health plan-specific reports and predictive models as BIE insightfully predicts events and healthcare outcomes.

You’ll get a 3D view of each member by collecting all the disparate data sources to analyze aspects of a member’s journey: from their history to forecast future possible events. We’ve harnessed the potential of data to make better data decisions. BIE means empowerment; an as-a-service solution that can prepare plans for the future of healthcare. Make plans to join us at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute and Expo conference, where we will highlight industry insights and delivering brief demonstrations.

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AI and Member Care

Make plans to attend our key AHIP session to gain insights on how AI can enable member care management while increasing business revenue.
Here, health plan leaders and AI practitioners from outside health care will share the ways they are using AI today—and what it means for you.


Analytics, artificial intelligent and automation are the keys to better member engagement. See us at AHIP 2019 to learn why.

Key Benefits

Improve decision making, meet compliance requirements, automate processes and break down data silos.

Drowning in Data?

Once data became a strategic asset for organizations, data analytics exploded into many subsets, including predictive analytics, big data analytics, cognitive analytics, enterprise data management and more. For the healthcare industry, leveraging that onslaught of data has its own set of unique challenges. Here’s how digital data intelligence is a life preserver in a sea of information.